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Estate Planning in Anoka, Andover, Coon Rapids and Ramsey MN


The very fact that you are looking at this page means you have decided to take action. Handling an estate plan tends to be the item on the list that never gets done, always to be put off, until one day it is too late. There is no going back once an estate plan becomes necessary. You need to be preemptive. And the very fact that you are reading this page tells me you have decided to take action.

So, who to choose as a lawyer to handle your estate plan (or someone else’s)? There are a lot of lawyers out there, right? And just what is an “estate plan” anyway? Let me address the second question first.

Either through a Will or a Trust, you can direct who will take care of your minor children should something tragic happen to you and your spouse, presuming you are married. That’s a vitally important issue. Your children will certainly be devastated by your absence but ensuring that they will be cared for by loving relatives or other trusted individuals will help soften their loss. This is important even if you have not had much time to build an estate.

By creating a Will or Trust you are able to direct your financial affairs “from the grave”. You can appoint someone to handle your estate (called “executor” or “personal representative” or, if you have a Trust, a “trustee”). You can leave certain family members out, give certain family members and friends more than an equal share, or, through Trusts, provide for conditional or scheduled distributions of your estate in the future.

Have you ever heard of “probate”? Probate is a court involved process to ensure that your estate is distributed properly after all the bills are paid. Whether you have a Will or not, probate will be a necessary process unless your “probatable estate” is worth less than $75,000.00. To learn more about this, contact Field Law, P.A. to schedule a free appointment. Avoiding probate can be done through the use of Revocable Living Trusts, another service provided by Field Law, P.A.

But as well, you may desire obtaining a Power of Attorney which directs another to act on your behalf if you become unavailable for a time or merely as a convenience. We can help you with that. Or, perhaps a Health Care Directive is needed (sometimes referred to as “Living Wills”). We can assist you with that also.

But you may be saying “well, I don’t have much. Just my home, a couple of cars and a little money in the bank.” You might wish to consider obtaining something called a “Transfer on Death Deed”. This is a document which allows you transfer your home upon death without having to go through probate. Since probate takes a while (9 months to 1 ½ years on average) and comes with some expense, avoiding probate has its advantages.

All of this can be part of your “estate plan”. Deciding what’s right for you will require sitting down face to face to go through your options. Scheduled a free appointment with Field Law, P.A. to learn what those options are.

Estate Planning

Now, back to the first question—which lawyer to choose?

Field Law, P.A. is a proud member of a nationwide network of professional, estate planning attorneys called “WealthCounsel”. This is a tremendous resource which has the latest, most comprehensive training and documents to address your particular estate planning needs. Perhaps a Special Needs Trust is desired. Or a Cabin Trust. Field Law, P.A. can help you with that as part of its affiliation with WealthCounsel.

Additionally, attorney Joseph Field has over 22 years of experience in estate planning. For more on Mr. Field please refer to his bio page herein. Selecting a lawyer that you don’t really know can be taxing. While reading a biography is not quite the same as knowing someone it can give you some peace and assurance. You also may wish to review the testimonials given by some of Mr. Field’s previous clients.

If you live in Anoka County, Sherburne County, Isanti County, Wright County, Hennepin County and the surrounding areas, please contact Field Law, P.A. so we can help you plan for the future.

You have taken action by searching for competent and experienced attorneys to help you with your estate plan. You are to be commended. But now let’s check this off your list. For additional information on estate planning, visit

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