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At Field Law, P.A., attorney Joseph Field offers over 28 years of experience helping individuals establish sound, practical, and affordable estate plans. Whether this involves a simple will or the more involved revocable “living” trust, Mr. Field will make sure you know your options and place you in a position to make wise choices for your future.

Mr. Field can also help you plan for disability issues, assisting you with an appropriate Durable Power of Attorney or Healthcare Power of Attorney. These plans will help you to achieve peace of mind to determine how your family will be cared for in the event of disability in the future.

The next important issue is to discuss the action of probate, which is for those that do not engage in advance planning can find themselves in this situation. Mr. Field counsels his clients on how to avoid probate, but if probate becomes necessary, Mr. Field can facilitate the process and determine client wishes and choices in these matters.

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Hire Experienced Probate Attorneys in Minnesota

If you or a loved one are dealing with a legal matter, it is critical that you have a professional probate attorney who can effectively guide you through the legal process ahead. With our years of experience, Field Law, P.A. is here to help. If you have a probate case, discuss your case with our skilled probate attorneys in Anoka, Minnesota, who have the experience and skills to assist you with estate planning effectively.

Understanding Estate Planning in Minnesota

Estate planning can be a difficult topic to understand without the help of an experienced probate attorney. It’s essential to plan for the future for your loved ones, even if it’s hard to grasp the concept of dying, as it is a topic that is uncomfortable for most people to review. While there is an abundance of trust and will document online, many are low quality and won’t protect your family properly if a wage earning loved one passes. This is where our legal expertise comes into play. When you want to make your transition as smooth as possible, you will need to hire a Will or living trust lawyer who can help you to build an estate plan that suits your wishes the best.

Not everyone needs a living trust. However, those who have many real estate assets in various states and/or a sizeable estate, in general, will want to use a variety of estate planning tools in order to distribute their estate between their loved ones effectively.

About Trusts

Trusts are a better option for someone that is passing on than to leave your loved ones with an inheritance. This is because a last will and testament controls probate. It doesn’t avoid it. And it can take a year or two before it’s settled. A trust will allow you to use your wealth in many ways, both now and in the future, whether dedicating a portion of the estate to a charity, paying small sums monthly, quarterly, or even annually to beneficiaries and even give financial care to disabled family members for their lifetime (if applicable).

A trust works best for someone with a larger estate but that isn’t always necessary. Our legal team can help you to make the best decision for your financial situation. At Field Law, P.A., we consider many aspects of your financial situation before deciding which estate planning option is best for you. If you don’t want to use a trust or if you don’t need one, our Anoka Minnesota estate planning attorneys will honor that and our probate attorneys can thereafter help your family navigate probate court efficiently. A well-drafted and comprehensive will, coupled with legal representation, can help your family transition through a time of grief without making the wrong decisions that could affect your loved ones going forward.

Understanding Wills

The last will and testament is a legal document drafted to provide clear instructions on the distribution of your assets and property at the time of someone’s death. When it is drafted properly, it can offer assistance to someone’s loved ones when dealing with the individual’s final affairs.

If someone dies without a will, the State of Minnesota uses intestacy laws to distribute assets. This means that the state will give property to their closest living relatives. If there are no living relatives, or if they cannot be found, the state inherits the property and keeps it for its own purposes. When the state is left to make these decisions, oftentimes it isn’t always what the deceased person would have wanted. Creating this will ahead of one’s death will make sure that their wishes are honored respectfully.

It is important to note that your will does not cover everything. Life insurance, retirement plans, assets held in living trusts, and jointly-owned property cannot be affected by a person’s will. Your will must be signed by you and at least two other witnesses for it to be finalized in the state of Minnesota. Unlike other states, notarization is not required for a will to be legally binding here in Minnesota.

Please note that while a will designates whom you want to have as your beneficiary, having a simple will without a living trust may still require your family or named beneficiaries to go through probate. This can cost them a lot of time and money in the future to have to go through probate on these matters.

Why You Should Hire an Experienced Probate Attorney

As a client-dedicated law firm, Field Law, P.A. is always ready to serve residents of Minnesota. When you work with our skilled legal team, we can address issues head-on and get you an effective outcome. Whether you are facing a difficult probate matter or need legal help preparing a legally sound estate plan, you can rest assured knowing that we will step in with a game plan that will protect your legal rights and assets.

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