During this challenging time of combating the coronavirus, Field Law, P.A. remains open to assist family members with getting proper legal documents in place. Whether that be Wills, Trusts or Power of Attorney documents, we can help.

Appointments are being taken in person but Zoom video conference or telephone conference meetings can also be arranged. Physical distancing protocols are observed for in person meetings and, in compliance with Governor Walz’ statewide mandate that all business owners must require its customers and clients to wear masks, masks will be required for indoor meetings.

Field Law, P.A., recognizes that as businesses continue to fail during COVID-19 lockdowns, many residents are losing their jobs. Therefore, Field Law, P.A. is offering a 10% discount off its services to anyone who contributes to Good in the Hood, a local charity focusing primarily on delivering food and clothing to those in need. And, in addition to the 10% discount, Field Law, P.A. will match the donation given to this charity, up to $100 for Wills and $200 for Trusts, as a further discount, until December 31, 2020.

Here’s an example. Let’s say your estate plan costs $700. If you give $100 to Good in the Hood, forward that receipt to Field Law, P.A. (before or while retaining our services) and we will give you a 10% discount off our flat fee services AND we will further reduce your fees by this same $100. Thus, your net payment to Field Law, P.A. would be $700 – $70 (10%) – $100 = $530. In essence, part of the fees you would have paid to Field Law, P.A. now goes to a worthwhile ministry.

There you go. We can all do our part to help each other during these unusual and admittedly stressful times.