Field Law, P.A. Announces Temporary Discount in Fees for Making Gifts to ANOKA COMMUNITY MISSION

In an effort to give back ‘to the least of these’ who may be hurting as result of COVID-19 layoffs or economic shifts, Field Law, P.A. is incentivizing gifts made to ANOKA COMMUNITY MISSION between now and October 31, 2021.  Field Law, P.A. will discount its retainer paid towards Will products (Wills, Codicils, Power of Attorneys) by $100 when you give ANY amount to ANOKA COMMUNITY MISSION (during the above time period). PLUS it will further match your gift up to $100 as an ADDITIONAL discount.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you give $50 to ANOKA COMMUNITY MISSION, you will get automatically receive $100 off your Will-based estate plan just for giving (Field Law, P.A. must be retained during the above time period) PLUS you get $50 more as a discount for the gift itself. This results in total savings of $150 off of your Will-based estate plan.

If you plan on getting a Trust-based estate plan, you will get $200 as a discount no matter how much you give to ANOKA COMMUNITY MISSION PLUS a further matching discount up to $200.

Here’s an example of that.  Let’s say you give $125 to ANOKA COMMUNITY MISSION between now and October 31, 2021, you will receive a $200 discount off your Trust plan just for the act of giving PLUS you get an ADDITIONAL matching discount of $125, for a total discount of $325.00.

If you are saying “this looks like you are paying for our gift”, you’re right!  And you get the right to claim a charitable deduction for tax purposes to boot.  Why do it this way?  Well, to incentivize your giving to a worthwhile charity (they help with discounted daycare for working single moms, food, clothing, even books) but also to encourage you in becoming acquainted with ANOKA COMMUNITY MISSION.

So, let’s get that Will or Trust done and help those who are really hurting right now.  To find out more about ANOKA COMMUNITY MISSION go to Anoka Community Mission – Home.